Secondary Title

MOE: Missions / Outreach / Evangelism 

To be the link between the Church and the people, families and organisations on the mission field. Reaching Penrith, Sydney, Australia and international.

Currently our church through partnership financially and prayerfully, we support the follow people / families / organisations, to bring the good new and show God love all over the world.

- IMM / EDM (Ross & Janelle and team)

- WEC (Alison)

- YWAM (Tanya and Etienne)

- Josh and YuLing

- OMF (Heidi)


To reach the lost, widowed, and needy in the Penrith community.
To explore and discover partnerships with organizations in Penrith.

Bring light to the darkness in the community of Penrith, going into all the world and preach the Gospel on several different fronts.

Part of our M.O.E arm is our Creative Connections environment, this is a exploration of connecting physically, relational and Creatively. Check out the Creative Connections pages for more information.

To get involved or for more information please email: moe@cofcpenrith.org