When you experience a Sunday afternoon at Church it’s easy to sit with other people in the auditorium and think, “How would I ever get involved here?” And the question is a fair one. You were designed for more than just sitting in rows and taking in all that a Sunday has to offer. You were made to fully invest in a group of people, to have a home where you belong. You want to meet people! We’ve designed our Sunday experience in such a way that guests like you can come and be anonymous on a Sunday morning, sit in our services for a while and check everything out, but when you’re ready to take the next step, we want to help you do that. It’s not a complicated process. We say if you really want to plug in, there are really only 4 things a fully invested individual at our Church does:

The benefits are overwhelming for the individual, but, collectively, when the church is filled with people joyfully living out these four things, nothing can stop us influencing our cities. They’re four simple things that not only give the church momentum, but catapult your faith too. Take a minute today and read about each one.

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We all like to feel that we are part of something. The sense of community and belonging is an important part of the journey. One of the keys to go beyond simply attending and be part of our community is to connect with a smaller group of people.

We have various groups catering to different people. We have small groups running during the week designed to be our primary point of connection and care. We'd love to encourage you to attend a group. If we can help you identify the right group for you please email:


We believe that we have a message of hope! We believe sometimes people need a hand up! We believe that everyone has a role to play, and every role is important. We believe that you can belong before you believe.

We would like to invite you to be part of this journey!

There are a few things you can do that make a big difference to what we do: 


Our church has many roles that are filled by volunteers. If you would like to find out more about serving in the life of our church, or perhaps in one of our community initiatives to find your fit why not talk to one of the team on a Sunday


Prayer is a powerful thing. We invite you to pray for the work we do. 


"Church always wants your money."  We have heard that so many times. It is both true and not true. Every organisation on the planet wants your money. Every time you sit down to watch TV you are bombarded with ads wanting your money. The truth is two fold. Firstly, Jesus gave his followers clear instructions on the power of giving. Secondly, we believe we make a difference in people's lives. We believe the community is better for us being here. To do that takes resources of which money is a part of. You are welcome to attend our church without any pressure to give.


We believe that genuine faith is followed by genuine action and we want everyone to find their place. 

As a church we are involved in mission both locally and internationally.

We seek to help those in crisis, and those doing it tough.

We invite you to partner with us as we live a message of hope.

For more information please send us an email:

Please click here to view our Missions Page.