We believe that we have a message of hope! We believe sometimes people need a hand up! We believe that everyone has a role to play, and every role is important. We believe that you can belong before you believe.

We would like to invite you to be part of this journey!

There are a few things you can do that make a big difference to what we do:


Our church has many roles that are filled by volunteers. If you would like to find out more about serving in the life of our church, or perhaps in one of our community initiatives to find your fit, why not talk to one of the team on a Sunday.


Prayer is a powerful thing. We invite you to pray for the work we do.


"Church always wants your money." We have heard that so many times. It is both true and not true. Every organisation on the planet wants your money. Every time you sit down to watch TV you are bombarded with ads wanting your money. The truth is two fold. Firstly, Jesus gave his followers clear instructions on the power of giving. Secondly, we believe we make a difference in people's lives. We believe the community is better for us being here. To do that takes resources of which money is a part of. You are welcome to attend our church without any pressure to give.


Penrith Church of Christ is a nonprofit organisation funded by the generosity of the people who attend.
If you would like to donate or give there is an opportunity at our weekend services or you can make a deposit directly into our bank acocunt:

ACCOUNT NAME: Penrith Church of Christ
BSB: 032271

Your contribution enables us to fulfill our vision, run programs and support our community. We believe the words of the Bible, that it is more blessed to give than to receive. These words seem crazy, yet we often feel better about life when we are able to be generous.

Our perspective changes when we realise the power generosity has in our own lives as well as others.

If you would like to support our community work, you are able to do this through our parent organisation, Careworks.

Once you are on the website you will find "Picking up the Pieces" and "Women in Need" in the drop down box.
This will identify the donation as coming to us. You are able to make a one off donation, or a regular ongoing donation.

Thanks for partnering with us in supporting our community. Together we can make a difference.


Sometimes in life, due to circumstances and situations often outside our control, we find ourselves in a position of needing a bit of help.

We believe that people don't need a handout, they deserve a hand up. We believe in supporting people as we can while maintaining their dignity and pride.

We currently do this through 2 platforms: Picking up the Pieces (PUP) and Women in Need (WIN).

PUP and WIN work with the vulnerable and at-risk members of our community. We provide support and encouragement as we can. We are a consistent friendly face and a listening ear.

If you would like to help us serve our community by being part of this team you can do that by letting us know.

We also partner with other organisations in our community such as Mama Lana Community Foundation and Domestic Violence Services in Penrith.