DNA Groups

D- Discipleship

N- Nurture

A- Accountability


As humans we are hard wired for formation - either we are being discipled intentionally in the way of Jesus, or we are being discipled by the culture around us. Becoming like Jesus and growing in intimacy with Him is an intentional priority we build into our life through rhythms and practices that help us learn the kingdom life and be aligned to the Spirit. Our formation never happens in isolation, so being in relationship with a few others who have permission to know us deeply, to encourage us and to hold us accountable in love is a vital part of growing as followers of Jesus.


DNA Groups are intentional discipling groups of 2-4 people who commit to meet weekly or fortnightly in order to grow in their faith as they seek to follow Jesus in all of life. These groups of no more than 4 people allow us to develop intimacy and to be truly known. Each person has the chance to be seen, be heard, and be encouraged as they follow Jesus. If it is any, bigger the essential element of accountability and intimacy quickly falls away. If the group grows to 4 people than there needs to be commitment to become two groups.


Commit to a time and place that you can do regularly - weekly or fortnightly is ideal. Keep your catch up to under an hour and half so it is manageable in the routine of life. The following is a guide only so figure out what works for you, but it is good to have these elements present:

DISCIPLESHIP (30min) - Decide on how you will grow together, perhaps engaging in scripture, or reading a book together. Do something that will help you align your heart, mind, body and soul to the way of the kingdom. You might want to read this while you are together, or read it separately and come ready to share what God has been showing you.

NURTURE (30min) - Encourage one another as you listen to each other’s story. Speak the kingdom into each other’s lives. Give space for each person to ‘check in’ and share what has been going on and where God has been at work. Affirm and encourage each other in love.

ACCOUNTABILITY (30min) - Share how you have been doing in your intentional rhythms (Communion, Community, Commission) Where have you been finding joy and growth, where are you struggling. Be accountable to what you sense God is doing in you and through you and be willing to allow others to hold you accountable in love and grace