WHAT we do

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Community engagement

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- MOE (Mission / Outreach / Evangelism


We as a church are just one part of the body of Christ. We believe that God calls all churches, no matter the denomination and traditions to come together united for the Kingdom works. In saying this, we are connected and active within the wide Penrith region through ONE Church Penrith (OCP) and also closey partner with other churches within the churches of Christ network within the greater region of Western Sydney through the West Sydney HUB.


The is an area the we are exploring opportunities with our local community. The potential environments to partner with schools, existing organisations and people in need of support and a person to come along side there journey in life.



We are purposely sent into the surrounding community. This needs to be an intentional approach by us as a part of the body of Christ. We are exploring what this looks like and investigating opportunities as they arrise into a colabboration with new and existing organisations and groups

Ministry environments

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- Prayer

- Care

- Connect

This is our hospitality arm of the church. Its main function is through a ministry called Feeding by Faith. I collaboration with our organizations, as well as the passion, giftings and servant heart of the people that make this environment happen, this ministry has supplied countless food and care packages to people with the church family and the community.

- Fellowship

- Next Gen

The next generation is important within the life of our church family. Understanding the need to intentionally input into children, youth and young adults is an environment w