Giving and Serving

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Secondary Title

Here at Penrith we are big believers that our "DOING for God needs to come from the overflow of our BEING with God."

So in saying that, our posture within the Kingdom and as a part of the Body of Christ we attempt to align an individual's passion of their hearts, giftings from the Spirit and call on their lives from God.

We are aware of people's limits and know that God invites everyone to be a part of His plan and purpose within the greater story of life and the world.

We are a community that encourages relationship with God and an awareness of family commitments before serving in a church structure.

We would love to have a conversation with you in this area, and how we see serving the kingdom can be a Blessing and opportunity rather then a burden or obligation.

Contact Adam to start this conversation.


Your financial giving makes a difference

God calls us to be generous and faithful with what He has given us.

When you give, you are not only helping transforming lives, communities and the world; you are allowing God to transform you.

Below are ways you can give and specific environments you a lead to give towards.

Online one off

Give your tithe or make a one-time contribution online.

Giving online is simple and secure through your nominated bank using the following details:

ACCOUNT NAME: Penrith Church of Christ
BSB: 032271

Online scheduled

Set up a recurring donation or tithe, view your history of contributions, print giving statements, and manage your giving.

It is easy, secure and allows you to set your frequency, following the below details:

ACCOUNT NAME: Penrith Church of Christ
BSB: 032271

In person

There is a giving box at the church location. This allows people to physically give when they are physically present at one of our environments.

There are also envelopes available to place your contribution in before placing it in the giving box provided.

M.O.E pledge

M.O.E pledge is a posture of our community, finacially supporting Mission, Outreach and Evengelism withing the life of the church.

Each year we pledge support into all of the works through this arm that allows us to reach all throughout Australia and the world.

Simply either put donations/pledges into a MOE envelope and place into the giving box in person or giving online following the below details, highlighting what the funds are for (eg: M.O.E Pledge).

ACCOUNT NAME: Penrith Church of Christ
BSB: 032271