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Community engagement

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- MOE (Mission / Outreach / Evangelism

This is the arm of the church that oversees, organizers and prays into all things Missions, Outreach and Evangelism. For more information or learn how to support or get involved, please check out the link above.


We as a church are just one part of the body of Christ. We believe that God calls all churches, no matter the denomination and traditions to come together united for the Kingdom works. In saying this, we are connected and active within the wide Penrith region through ONE Church Penrith (OCP) and also closey partner with other churches within the churches of Christ network within the greater region of Western Sydney through the West Sydney HUB.


The church life is not just on a building or held in the physcial platform. We are explore opportunities that arise that allow us to met people, no matter where they are.


It takes a community to raise people and during our journey in life, no matter our age or stage, it helps when we have people that come along side us to assist in becoming a holistic health journeyer.



This is our hospitality arm of the church. Its main function is through a ministry called Feeding by Faith. In collaboration with our organizations, as well as the passion, giftings and servant heart of the people that make this environment happen, this ministry has supplied countless food and care packages to people with the church family and the community.

It also covers event catering through CornerStone Catering, which can do Weddings and special life events.

Ministry environments

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- Prayer

We are a community that believes in the power and importance of prayer. Please click the link above to find out more information or to request prayer for anything.


This is our Pastoral Care arm within the life of church here at Penrith. What is experienced through this element of community is loving pursuit of everyone that is connected to Penrith in some way. Weather it is experienced through a visit, a phone call, a text, an email, a card, a hamper or even a coffee chat-up, everyone involved in this environment loves people. If you want to find out more information about this environment or would benefit from some type of connection of care, please let us know by contacting our CARE Team


Church is more then just the service on a Sunday. Here at Penrith we strive to see our Sunday's as a launching platform to the rest of the week. We believe church is for everyone, at every stage. So why not have a chat with us in how our environments may connect with you.


Current we have a Sunday Kids program that runs during school Terms called "SuperKidz", led by passionate Spirit-Led people that have a heart for Kids. For more information or to find out how to get involved reach out to our Team Leader Ann


The next generation that is connected to community is important within the life of our church family. Understanding the need to intentionally input into youth and young adults is an environment we don't take lightly and for granted.

Ministry Formation

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Jesus did life with 3, so being Jesus's bride we have adopted doing life like He modelled. It start with intentionally doing life with 2-4 people where we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and go deep into our stories. For more information follow the link above

- Formational Journey Groups

This environment is a priority in the life of the church here in Penrith. Diving deep into our stories allow Jesus to meet and transform us in a safe, loving and supportive environment. We started this environment focused on Spiritual Formation with 8 guys and now seeing the fruit from this space we have grown to 4 groups of Ladies and Men that meet each month a different times. This is a high transformative space that allows people to see the invitation of Jesus.

- Immersion

This is a 9 month invitation into being held in a safe space to go deeper with Jesus, to take ownership of what has been laid on your heart and to not allow the business of life to dictate your direction. For more information, check out the link above.

- Discipleship Pathways

Slow, Few and Deep are the 3 words that we as a community have been approaching our Discipleship arm to the way we do life.

This is a major passion of ours and we are not in a rush.

We are exploring 4 main environments when it comes to Discipleship programs-


- Emotionally Healthy Spiritualality (EHS)

- Emotionally Healthy Relationahips (EHR)

- Gifted By Grace

- Life Skills Teaching

Sometimes it is difficult living in this world as a follower of Christ. This environment aims to provide teaching around Christian living and worldly responsibilities.