why do we do what we do?

Secondary Title

Along with our biblical purpose and vision we also have several postures we implement as a community.

These allow us to stay focused on what really matters, encourage people in their pursuit of God and the life He has laid before them and do our calling as part of the body of Christ.

So all of our environments follow the 3 simple focuses:

- Transformational

Only God does true transformation, but we have the opportunity to come along side people as they discover God in their everything.

- Invitational

Jesus always invites, He does force Himself upon anyone and always offers a choice. As reflections of Him and true salvation, we as community have adopted this into our wife of life.

- Spirit - Led

We are not a church of programs for program sake.

We also are not at church that wants to entertain.

At all accounts, we strive to be Led by the Spirit in the way we WORSHIP, the way we TEACH, the way we GIVE and the way we DO LIFE.